Join us: working at Saint Louis Sucre

Working at Saint Louis Sucre means working in a human-sized company with the advantages of a large group, the leading European sugar producer, the Südzucker group. Our company offers a wide variety of jobs and is committed to developing the skills of the women and men who work for it.

Development of skills

Saint Louis Sucre places great importance on the mastery and development of its employees’ skills.

Training represents nearly 3% of the total payroll. Multi-year programmes respond to technical and technological advances and encourage individual career development. They mainly focus on safety, management and technology, with specific courses for sugar process and packaging positions. Saint Louis Sucre is also attentive to the development of its employees. It relies on annual development interviews, and on a provisional management of jobs and skills.

Lastly, special attention is paid to welcoming new managers. Saint Louis Sucre’s and the Südzucker Group’s induction programmes give them the keys to understanding their work environment.

An attractive wage policy

Employees benefit both from general pay rises and individual rise budgets to adapt salaries to individual performance. The average yearly salary at Saint Louis Sucre is  43 800 euros, a significant amount considering that 14% of the workforce are executives and that 43% are blue collar workers. In addition come profit sharing programs. Finally, Saint Louis Sucre provides its employees with high-level social benefits, among which :

. health insurance, 80% of which is financed by Saint Louis Sucre, the annual average equivalent of 750 euros per employee,
. death-invalidity -incapacity plan : Saint Louis Sucre’s participation represents around 500 euros per employee and per year.,
. pension plan, with an collective agreement on a « additional pension scheme » in effect since 2011, to which the company contributes with 1,5% of the wage.

Moreoever, in 2019, Saint Louis Sucre has introduced a work time savings account.

Social dialogue and communication

Saint Louis Sucre is keen on constructive and respectful exchanges with personnel representatives and regularly reaches agreements with trade unions on subjects such as wages, profit-sharing and pensions.

The company’s internal communication policy rests on a will to exchange, inform and develop a common sense of belonging to the company and to the group. Internal communication combines regular information from the management with on- and offline media.

A variety of jobs

The sugar industry offers a wide range of jobs. These include agricultural aspects, the sugar process, packaging, logistics, sales or IT.

Agriculture related jobs
Agricultural-related jobs take place before the sugar process and deal with the culture, harvesting and transport of sugar beets. Field inspectors are in permanent contact with the growers to help and advise them. They anticipate the quality and quantity of their crops, a precious information when forecasting the activity of the sugar factory.

Sugar process related jobs
These are mainly operational and technical jobs : mechanic, electrician, maintenance mechanic, engineer, process operator and conductor…Sugar production is a seasonal activity. During the campaign, the sugar beet factory runs in a continuous mode and in 3×8 shift work. This activity requires 60 to 80 seasonal workers. The rest of the year is dedicated in particular to maintenance and improvement of production tools. Hence, people working in sugar factories have two jobs : one during the campaign and one outside the campaign.

Packaging related jobs
Sugar can be delivered to the customer in bulk, but also in bags, cubes or doses destined to the food industry or end consumers via retail operators. This is done in the packaging units which employ operators but also electromechanics or maintenance technicians.

Technical jobs
They come as support for factories and comprise engineering departments, maintenance, industrial safety.

Sales jobs
They are the company’s contact with our various clients : retail, food industry or food service operators. Sales teams include area sales managers, key account managers, sales assistants and also marketing.

Support jobs
They comprise, among others, accounting, finance, human resources, purchasing, logistics or IT.

The sugar industry offers a wide range of jobs. These include agricultural aspects, the sugar process, packaging, logistics, sales or IT.