The Saint Louis brand is a leading specialist in the sugar section, bringing character and refinement to your gourmet moments, while being passionately committed to offering products that are increasingly environmentally friendly.

Our brand was the first in France to offer organic beet sugar as well as organic jam sugar, and is constantly developing its packaging to become more environmentally-friendly, plastic-free and recyclable.

Particularly daring and attentive to the expectations of its consumers, Saint Louis innovates to support new consumer habits by inventing the easy-to-break sugar cube and by now offering an “extra-fruit” Confisuc that makes it possible to make even fruitier preparations in just a few minutes.

As a Pure Cane specialist, Saint Louis is also committed to offering consumers the best of cane sugar with a complete range of 100% unrefined cane sugar, in powder and lump form, to combine authenticity and pleasure.

To find out more about the products and commitments of our brand, discover the world of Saint Louis without delay.