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A wide range of professions

The sugar industry is characterised by the diversity of its businesses. These range from agriculture and packaging to the sugar process, logistics, trade and IT.

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Careers in agriculture

The agricultural professions are involved upstream of the sugar process, covering all stages from growing to harvesting and transporting the beet. The crop inspectors provide our partner farmers with daily agronomic advice, a source of enriching technical exchanges.

Sugar production is seasonal. During the “campaign”, the factory operates continuously, requiring 60 to 80 seasonal workers, mainly operators. During this period, the factory operated at a rate of 3 x 8.

Sugar factory production jobs
Most on-site employees have two jobs, one during the campaign and one outside.

The rest of the year is devoted to maintaining and improving production tools, involving electricians, mechanics and methods engineers. As a result, most of our on-site employees have two jobs, one during the campaign and one outside, making our jobs particularly rewarding experiences.

Packaging professions

Technical professions encompass a variety of occupations requiring specialist skills in areas such as engineering, technology, maintenance and industrial safety. They are essential for solving complex problems, promoting technological progress and meeting business needs.

Support functions are essential to the smooth running of a company, providing cross-functional services and skills. These functions support the company’s core operations. These include accounting, finance, treasury, human resources, purchasing, logistics and IT.

Support professions
Commercial professions

Commercial professions focus on sales and developing relationships with customers. The teams include the sales representative, the account manager and the marketing manager. They work together to maximise sales, build customer loyalty and ensure the company’s continued growth in the marketplace.

Commitment, enthusiasm, transformation

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