Supporting our partners
towards more sustainable farming practices


Set up 60 agro-ecology transition trial protocols with our farmers every year.

> Set up 60 agro-ecological transition trial protocols with our partner farmers each year, providing them with technical and financial support via the Mont-Blanc program.

The “In beet we believe” blog brings together a wealth of articles and public content on industry news, innovations currently being rolled out, the results of agronomic trials aimed at the agro-ecological transition, and related advice.

Saint Louis "La Betterave, on y croit!"


We support farmers in their agro-ecological transition

We support farmers in their agro-ecological transition, particularly in soil regeneration farming and the preservation of biodiversity on their farms. Our Étrépagny pilot farm tests and implements agro-ecological practices, then trains and informs our teams, customers and farming partners.

> 30% of our partner farmers will be integrated into an audited regenerative agriculture approach by 2030.

In 2022, Saint Louis Sucre launched the “Living Soils” program in partnership with Nestlé among its partner farmers, and relies on the Earthworm association to support the practice of soil-regenerating agriculture based on 5 criteria:

  • duration of coverage
  • diversification of cultivated families
  • carbon storage
  • Living Soils indicators
  • tillage intensity