Our sugars around the world

For many years, Saint Louis Sucre has been exporting its products throughout the world.
In cubes or in powder, Saint Louis sugars are consumed in many countries of the Mediterranean basin, Eastern Europe, Africa, North America and even Asia. Saint Louis Sucre offers products adapted to these different markets through a complete range of “common” sugars, “industrial specialties”, “consumer specialties” or “export sugar cubes”.

Common sugars

Saint Louis Sucre offers a wide range of packaging, from 50 kg bags to one tonne Big Bags, to meet the increasingly precise demands of users of EEC No. 2 quality sugar.

The sugar corresponding to the standard product defined on the London futures market will be exported, mainly by sea, to countries outside the European Union, packaged in 50 kg polypropylene bags or one tonne big bags in maritime containers, or on board conventional ships in 50 kg bags.

Industrial specialities

In addition to standard sugars, industrial users of sugar (pharmaceutical laboratories, food industry) will find in the Saint Louis range products that meet their specific needs and quality criteria, benefiting from the certifications of the Saint Louis Sucre factories, and having the possibility of selecting sugars with controlled granulometry (calibrated sugars) produced in the Roye Conditionnement factory.

Consumer specialities

The range of Saint Louis Sucre speciality sugars intended for the mass market finds outlets in the various countries of the Mediterranean basin, as well as in the Near East, North America and Asia. Brown or blond cane sugar, jam sugar, sugar sticks, etc. are all products that are present and appreciated in all parts of the world.

Saint Louis export sugar cubes

Through its range of export sugar cubes packaged in the famous blue lion box in 1 kg or 500 g formats, Saint Louis Sucre is present in most of the countries on the West African coast.