Saint Louis Sucre is a simplified joint stock company managed and administered by a Chairman.

The Chairman is supported in his mission by an Executive Committee, which works with him to develop company policy and implement decisions. The Executive Committee is composed of three members.

Members of the Executive Committee

  • Chairman

    François Verhaeghe

  • Beet Director

    Thomas Nuytten

Our vision

Our vision
Building together a new dynamic and strengthen a sustainably profitable position, in order to contribute to the Südzucker group’s success.

Our values
To implement our vision, we rely on our values : commitment, respect and team performance.
They make our identity, our particularity, our strength.

« Commitment, to move further ».
Involvement, professionalism and initiative are key to our success and individual development.

« Respect, for sustainable building ».
Respecting oneself, others, our partners and our environment inspires our daily behaviour.

« Team performance, to succeed ».
Empowerment, sharing, trust and solidarity are the foundations of our collective success.

Ethics and compliance

As a member of the Südzucker Group, Saint Louis Sucre is committed to respecting its ethical and compliance principles, which are made known to all employees. They can be summarised as follows:

  • We maintain integrity in business operations
  • We protect our information
  • Our communications are complete, correct and clear
  • We produce safe, high quality products
  • We treat our employees fairly and with respect
  • We are responsible for our environment