History of Saint Louis Sucre

2001 - nowadays

2001 : Acquisition of Saint Louis Sucre by Südzucker, first European sugar producer
2003 : Saint Louis Sucre acquires polish company Slaska Spolka Cukrowa S.A., later integrated in the Südzucker Group.
2005 : In Nassandres, Saint Louis Sucre produces sugars enriched with vitamin A, for the Nigerian market.
2006-2007 : Reform of sugar regime. Closure of the sugar plant of Guignicourt and the factories of Eastern Sugar.
2007 : Beginning of construction of the new packaging factory, Roye Packaging Plant
2008 : The 40 000 tonne-silo of Roye Packaging Plant starts its activity.
2009 : Saint Louis Sucre headquarters move to Parc du Millénaire, Paris 19.
2009 : Inauguration of Roye Packaging Plant. Start of the sieving facility

1968 - 2001

1968 : Foundation of the Générale Sucrière Group, from the merger of the companies Sucreries et Raffineries Bouchon et Pajot, Compagnie Nouvelle de Sucreries Réunies and Raffinerie Saint-Louis.
1968 : Creation of the first Common Market Organisation for Sugar
1970-73 :  Assimilation of sugar factories of Etrepagny, Roye and  Aulnois.
1989: Setting-up of Eurosucre, a sugar marketing subsidiary.
1991 : Location in Easter Europe with the creation of Eastern Sugar.
1992-96 : Acquisition of Société Sucrière du Nord-Est (including Guignicourt), Sucrerie Raffinerie de Bresles and Sucrerie de Marle.
1998 : Générale Sucrière changes its name to Saint Louis Sucre.
2000 : Saint Louis Sucre markets its products directly

1878 - 1968

1878: Foundation of the Société Nouvelle des Raffineries de Sucre Saint-Louis, including two companies and three plants in Marseille.
1884 : The Saint-Louis plant is destroyed in a fire
1886: Rebuilding of the Saint-Louis plant
1894: First exports to North Africa and the Persian Gulf.
1918: The 26 original sugar refineries of the Générale Sucrière stand in ruins.
1923: Setting up of the Compagnie Nouvelle de Sucreries Réunies (including Eppeville)
1924: Setting-up of the Union Sucrière de l'Aisne (including Aulnois)
1930: Start-up of a packaging plant in Eppeville
1939-40: Shut-down of most of the sugar refineries in the Aisne, the Somme and the Ardennes.
1950 à 1970 : All plants are equipped with continuous diffusers

1831 - 1878


1831: Larreguy founds his first sugar refinery, in Roye.
1850-1867: Ten sugar refineries set up in Ham, Roye, Fismes, Aulnois, Etrépagny, Nassandres and Montereau.
1850 : Creation of the sugar factories Bostennes and Letombe in Ham.
1854 : Foundation of sugar plants Flavy-le-Martel (Ham) and of Henri Bertin (Roye).  
1856 : Foundation of sugar factory Ulysse Lefevre à Roye.
1860-67 : Creation of two sugar plants in Aulnois.
1863 : Foundation of refinery Maurin in Saint-Charles.
1864 : Foundation of the sugar factory of Etrépagny by Arthur Le Bœuf, viscount of Osmoy.
1865 : Setting up of the Mediterranean Refineries.
1866 : Henri Bergasse and a group of Marseilles’ business men set up the Saint-Louis sugar Refinery.
1867 : Birth of the sugar factories of Nassandres (Emile Cartier) and Montereau (Sté Théophile Pajot et Cie).
1872: The Saint-Charles refinery is taken over by Saint-Louis sugar Refinery.