Quality and food safety

To ensure customer satisfaction, Saint Louis Sucre continuously optimises its quality and food safety management. It develops its quality management system according to the  ISO 9001 (2008) standard. All production and delivery sites of Saint Louis Sucre are certified in conformity with this norm. Our food safety is also certified according to BRC or IFS standards. Beside a central organisation dedicated to quality, Saint Louis Sucre has in each plant an industrial safety engineer. On a daily basis, Saint Louis Sucre carries out risk analysis (HACCP) on all sugar and pulp production process and carries out information watch / awareness / business intelligence  and audits on its suppliers. Saint Louis Sucre also pays particular attention to the respect of agricultural good practices with its partner growers.
These measures are completed by a  precise traceability system, which allows to find the origin of each sold batch. Regularly, recall simulations enable to test the system and improve it.