Our human resources policy

Working at Saint Louis Sucre means joining a human-sized company within a large group, number one in Europe, the Südzucker Group. Our company offers a large range of jobs and considers the development of its employees as a core value.

Saint Louis Sucre - Human resources

Skills development

Developing professional skills of the women and men working at Saint Louis Sucre is essential, and carried out through various ways.
Training represents over 3% of total wages, way above the French legal requirements. Training programs are set up over several years to respond to technological change and allow personal evolutions. These program concern mainly security, Saint Louis Sucre’s top priority, technical issues, with specific modules for sugar factories and refineries as well as packaging, also foreign languages, English in particular, and management.
Individual evolution of workers is organised through yearly individual interviews and a system of careers management. Also, careful attention is paid to the integration of newcomers, through both the Saint Louis Sucre and the Südzucker Group’s induction programmes for newly-hired executives.

An attractive wage policy

Employees benefit both from general pay rises and individual rise budgets to adapt salaries to individual performance. The average yearly salary at Saint Louis Sucre is 40 568 Euros in 2013, a significant amount considering that 14% of the workforce are executives and 52% are blue-collar workers. In addition come profit-sharing programs. Finally, Saint Louis Sucre provides its personnel with  high-level social benefits.


Saint Louis Sucre is keen on constructive exchanges with personnel representatives. In 2011, four collective agreements have been signed, on wages, profit-sharing programmes and pensions.
Communication policy relies on a strong will to develop a common sense of belonging to the company and to the Group. Internal communication combines regular information from the management with on- and off-line media.


To apply for a job, please go to the French human resources pages.