Sugars for catering

Saint Louis sugars for catering

Saint Louis Sucre Food Service provides a wide and varied range of sugars from the classical wrapped cubes to the lucky sugar. Saint Louis Sucre Food Service meets all your expectations including private labels.


Wrapped cubes

These wrapped cubes combine pleasant decoration with protection. These cubes exist in different sizes and weights :

  • 1 small wrapped cube (3 g),
  • 2 small wrapped cubes (4 g)
  • 2 wrapped cubes (5.2 g).


They exist as classic sugar cubes or more originally under spade, diamond, heart, and club-shape like ti’Plaisir. In addition is the golden-coloured candy sugar, a nice aspect for your sugar bowls.


Sachets, sticks and lucky sugars

Our caster sugar sticks preserve the espresso coffee cream. The sugar sachet is ideal to sprinkle sugar over fruits and fromage blanc. The lucky sugars with their unique cutting-edge shapes will add an original touch to your establishment.



The Professional Carte Blanche sweeteners range will meet the requirements of your customers who are looking for a sweet taste with no calorie.